Music Therapy

Music Therapy is a modality of treatment which uses music experiences as an anchor to help an individual or group process, change, or grow in some kind of way. Music therapy hones in on a person’s existing relationship with music (anything on the spectrum from avid music listener to a musician in their own right) and uses that as the foundation for the work within this modality.

Music experiences in music therapy, either live or recorded, may look like the following in any given session: (1) songwriting, (2) lyric analysis and discussion, (3) mindful music listening, (4) music and movement, (5) singing and instrument play, and (6) improvisational music making and (7) group drumming.

Rooted Cadence Music Therapy

Music experiences to support one’s health journey from teens through end-of-life.

In musical terms, “cadence” refers to either rhythm (e.g. the rate in which a piece is occurring), or a musical phrase, often either signifying the end, or not, of a piece.

Music experiences are deeply rooted in a person’s sense of who they are. Amanda believes that an authentic healing process involves grounding the therapy participant into listening to their own “cadence” - trusting and understanding their own voice and their own body, as a foundation to awaken to their fullest sense of self.

Amanda Rosado,MMT, LPMT, MT-BC offers services in Olney, MD and virtually 

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