What type of therapy is right for me?

When you talk to our schedulers, they are also therapists, they will listen to what you are coming in for, and which therapist is right for you?

Can I have an in-person appointment?

The availability of an in-person appointment will depend on the provider/reason for your request for therapy (some provider with specialties may or may not have in-person openings). We offer in-person appointments at our Office in Annapolis, MD. Some of our providers offer virtual intake appointments and then shift to in-person appointments. Some of our providers are happy to start in-person appointments. Some therapists offer both in-person and virtual- and may recommend starting virtually and later able to transition to in-person. 

Why can’t I get an evening appointment?

Most therapists offer evening hours. However, these appointments are filled first and often are not available to new clients, but are offered to existing clients. We also support each of our providers in taking care of themselves and some of them also have school aged children and offer minimal evening hours. We have some providers who offer weekend hours as an alternative to weekday appointments. We recognize the need to meet during the week (business/school hours) andt this requires flexibility and is harder for some folks to navigate. We are not able to hold a weekend/evening waitlist- we ask that you take the first available appointment (which will be an ongoing/weekly non-preferred time) and get on your individual provider's waitlist for a preferred time.

I have limited availability, can I be added to your waitlist for a preferred day/time?

Due to our provider's schedules at this time, we are not able to accommodate a wait-list specifically for preferred days/times for sessions. We will offer you an appointment twice, if you are not able to take the appointments offered (2x) we will have to remove you from the wait-list. We recognize this is challenging for folks with tight schedules and limited flexibility.

I’m divorced, I want my child in therapy, what steps do I need to take?

Submit an inquiry online. If you have joint legal custody, both parents must sign consents and agree to therapy. In your online inquiry, you will need to include the other parents name, email, and phone number for us to gather information to obtain consent. If you have sole physical and legal custody, you can submit an inquiry online, you will need to email the court order to us before the time of scheduling. Depending on our clinician capacity to see children and/or your specific family needs- we may refer to other practices if our wait time for child-focused work or high conflict divorce/separation is longer.

The school year is starting, can my child switch to another time?

Each of our providers' schedules allows for different flexibility. Some providers can reschedule sessions to another date and time and some providers are fully booked each week and have very limited flexibility. Each school year/sports season changes availability for many children and teens, we are often not able to accommodate a fluid appointment time based on school/sports seasons. We fully support movement/school prioritization and if therapy is not able to be scheduled around school/sports, you can always reach out again in the future. If you have an upcoming schedule change- talk to your provider as early as possible to see if a schedule change can be accommodated.

I want couples therapy, will this be covered by my insurance?

If you have CareFirst BCBS and want to see if your plan covers couples therapy, please call and ask if the diagnosis code Z63.0 is covered. Historically, it has come back as denied, but every plan is different.

A few notes on couples therapy and insurance: Couples therapy utilizes the CPT code 90847, which is the same CPT code used for family therapy sessions. The important difference when it comes to insurance is the diagnosis code, which is different when working with a couple in couples therapy than it would be when working with an individual in individual and/or family therapy. It is not the CPT code that would determine whether or not couples therapy is covered by your insurance plan, it is the diagnosis code.

If couples therapy is not covered or comes back denied, our out of pocket fees are $200 for the initial intake and $175 for subsequent couples sessions.

I don’t have BCBS, how do I get reimbursed?

We are only in network with CareFirst BCBS. All other insurance plans would be considered out of pocket. Our out of pocket fees are $200 for the initial intake, $175 for subsequent family sessions, and $165 for subsequent individual sessions. 

We can provide superbills so that you can submit to your insurance for reimbursement. Please ask your therapist to send you superbills after your appointments - this document will have everything your insurance will need to reimburse you if you have Out-Of-Network Benefits. 

 If you do not have BCBS, we recommend contacting your insurance to confirm that you have Out-Of-Network Benefits. 

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