Ecotherapy invites us to step out of what we are doing and into being. Connection with nature and time spent outdoors is associated with an array of mental and physical benefits. Disconnection from land and community as a result of colonialism and imperialism is significant and widespread. Reconnecting to earth and building a connection with self and land is a tenant of ecotherapy at Anchored Hope Therapy. Ecotherapy teaches us to tolerate stormy weather internally and externally. It connects us to the wisdom of the body and supports integration with our body to our communities and larger existence.

Acknowledging indigenous land is the beginning of ecotherapy work in our community. We offer both in-person and virtual therapy service on traditional unceded territory of the Piscataway, Nanticoke & Susquehannock Nations.

We collaborate with Maryland Therapeutic Riding to offer trauma-informed nature based therapy services locally. Learn more about whose land you occupy at

Ecotherapy Inside

Can occur anywhere indoors. Involves working with natural objects intentionally as a means to reconnect to ourselves. Objects like indoor plants, pots of soil, clay or sand, rocks, stones or facing a window allows us to work with metaphor to explore meaning. This type of engagement can help us to slow down, regulate our nervous system, shift our perspective, engage our senses and calm executive thinking processes that are often in overdrive because of life's fast pace.

houseplants on wood
silhouette of dandelion blowing in the wind

Ecotherapy Outside

Can occur while in any outdoor setting. It involves bringing attention to our surroundings and through that experience, deeply connect to ourselves. The sudden buzz of a fly, the warmth of the sun or a soft breeze, being in the presence of animals big and small, can force a present moment awareness online that challenges habituate mental, emotional, spiritual and physical states. The essence of ecotherapy, both inside and outside, is about building relationship with the natural world in order to more authentically and intentionally relate to ourselves.

Decolonizing Wilderness Therapy

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Nature Based Therapy

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