Couples Therapy

Couples Therapy at Anchored Hope is grounded in consent, safety,  and non-violent communication. We recognize that each person in the relationship has their own unique story which they bring to their relationships. Working to create cohesion, heal unhelpful patterns, and mutually acknowledge roles and responsibilities with compassion and non-judgement are common goals acknowledged in couples work. We work with all couples including those who identify as consensually non-monogamous and are part of the kink/fet community.

Couples Therapy at Anchored Hope approaches the work through the lens of healing the relationship between two people vs. identifying one “client” and approaching the work through a family therapy lens.

Reflective listening

Reflective listening is a specific type of couples therapy that can be beneficial for partners who want to work on their communication skills. By being in a healthy, safe environment where each person takes a turn being an active listener, giving the other partner an opportunity to speak freely, communication can be greatly enhanced. Read our guide on communication exercises for couples to learn more.

Emotion focused therapy

Emotion focused therapy (EFT) is an effective couples counseling technique. EFT can help identify destructive patterns in a relationship that begin to interfere with attachments, ultimately preventing two people from bonding. By focusing on those patterns and behaviors that create a disconnect in the relationship, two people can begin healing and bonding in a more positive manner.

The American Psychological Association (APA) states that EFT is effective and helpful for about 75% of couples who use it.

Narrative therapy

Narrative therapy is a very specific therapy technique that involves both partners describing their relationship problems in narrative form. They’re then encouraged to rewrite their stories. The goal of narrative therapy is to help couples see that one single story on its own can’t truly encompass an entire experience together.

Narrative therapy is typically helpful when both people feel they’re to blame for the demise of a relationship. It can be a great form of therapy when each partner has the mindset that they’re a failure, and thus, they deserve a failing relationship.

Solution-focused therapy

Solution-focused therapy works best for couples who have a specific issue they want to work on in their relationship. The approach is helpful when working towards a short-term relationship goal. It helps couples create a solution to relationship issues they’re having instead of sitting in the same place and dwelling on the same problems.

Gottman method

The Gottman method can help couples create a deeper understanding of each other even during times of conflict in their relationship. The method aims to give couples specific problem-solving skills that enhance intimacy and friendship between partners. 

While traditionally it utilizes live workshops and homework in the form of take-home training materials, many therapists have trained to use adapted techniques of the Gottman method with couples in a private setting during therapy sessions.

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