Integrative Trauma Therapy

Today, the field of trauma therapy and traumatic stress research is rapidly becoming unique, multidisciplinary, medical, holistic, political, and radical in many ways. Our field has changed and grown in even the last three years in ways that are calling practitioners to “re-humanize” therapy and make it accessible, transparent, collaborative, and “real”. We believe therapists are not the experts in the room, the client is. We believe we have tools to share, but the real healing is connected to the inherent wisdom each client has within them to move forward.

At Anchored Hope, we believe even the best treatment models, with all the research and evidence to back them up, may not help each individual person. Research based interventions sometimes miss the human component of an experience. We believe in being highly trained in trauma-specific models for supporting complex trauma experiences AND we believe that combining models and approaches to best meet the needs of every individual is the best way to approach healing trauma. We tailor and use components of the below models in integrating our approach to treating trauma.

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