New York Times

The Mental Health Benefits of an Inclusive Outdoor Escape

Amid pandemic stress and racial violence, many communities of color have turned to wilderness areas for healing.

What's Up Magazine

The Face of Vulnerability

New York Times

The Healing Power of Strength Training

Everyone knows that weight lifting increases physical strength. But, for some, it can give psychological power, too.

Shape Magazine

How Trauma-Informed Personal Training Is Helping Clients Heal Through Movement

Trainers are approaching fitness through a trauma-informed lens, helping to ensure their clients feel welcome, included, and most importantly, safe.

The Women Leaders

Healing People & Souls | Chelsea Haverly


Amazon: If you're going to provide mental health care, please do it right

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The Age of Happiness

Kennedy Krieger Institute

Safe Haven

Kennedy Krieger Institute

From Research to Practice Yoga-Based Psychotherapy for Children Who Have Experienced Trauma and Neglect

What's Up Magazine

Enjoy the Season: Leave Your Social Anxiety at Home