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Marilee Neff, LMSW, CSC-AD

Works with Teens, Adults, and Families

Healing Work

Therapy with me: I recognize and admire the courage and vulnerability it takes to seek therapy and embark upon your healing journey. It is my philosophy that you are the expert of your own life and experiences. As a therapist, it is not my job to fix things; instead, it is my role to walk beside you, meeting you where you are with empathy and compassion. My desire is to provide a safe space for you, without fear of judgment and/or shame, in which you feel that you can be authentic and vulnerable. While this is your journey, you do not have to navigate it alone. I would be honored to walk beside you.

My impacting identifies/roles that inform my work: Looking back, I can identify that my path to becoming a therapist started to take shape by the roles, identities, and experiences I had beginning in childhood. Today, I identify as a Caucasian, heterosexual, and cis-gendered female. I proudly hold multiple titles, such as mother, wife, aunt, sister, and daughter. I humbly recognize my privileges in these roles; however, I would be remiss not to acknowledge the adversities I also endured. I experienced trauma as a child and an adult. I have had to navigate dysfunctional relationships. I have had to grieve the death of loved ones, several of whom passed from an overdose. I have experienced life-altering illness and chronic pain. I firmly believe that in addition to the myriad of roles I have held and continue to hold each and every hardship and accomplishment has helped me develop grit, resilience, and empathy and has helped to define the therapist I am today.

I feel informed and knowledgeable about: providing therapeutic services to teens and adults with mental health disorders, substance use disorders, various trauma, and grief disorders. I utilize an integrative approach combining a myriad of therapeutic models and techniques such as CBT, DBT, and SFBT. I recognize the impact that our emotions have on our physical body and vice versa and tend to weave somatic and mindfulness practices into client sessions.

I work best with clients who are engaged in the therapeutic process, willing to be vulnerable and open to considering different approaches to maladaptive behaviors and want to work collaboratively.

I am not a good clinical fit for clients who are seeking therapy primarily for eating disorders or young children and adolescents under the age of twelve.

What makes me unique: After raising and successfully launching my three children as a stay-at-home mom, I embarked on a journey of reconnecting with myself and personal growth by returning to school. One of the keys to obtaining my LMSW in Maryland was my willingness to be introspective. In addition to being a social worker/therapist, I am also a reiki practitioner.

Learning and Growing

Professional growth and education are requisites in the field of social work. I am continually searching for new learning opportunities to engage in. I am currently looking at training courses on internal family systems, EMDR, and somatic practices.

Fun Facts/Resilience Building

What resources me to build resilience: For me, self-care is the cornerstone of my resilience building. I try daily to incorporate moments of self-care, such as engaging in meditation and breathing practices. I enjoy reading poetry, coloring, taking photos, and watching reality TV (my guilty pleasure!). I also have three children, two dogs, and a Holland Lop bunny to entertain me.


MSW, Fordham University Graduate School of Social Service

BSW, Aurora University

AAS Human Services, Anne Arundel Community College

Certifications/Trainings/What I’m Reading Currently

  • Advanced Grief Counseling Specialist
  • Certified Grief Informed Professional
  • Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Certified Clinical Trauma Professional
  • Maryland State Certified Addiction Counselor

I am currently reading “Lighter” by Yung Pueblo and “It’s OK That You’re Not OK” by Megan Devine.