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Jamie Fitzgerald, LCSW-C

Works with Young Children, Teens, and Adults

Healing Work

Therapy with me: My therapeutic approach is grounded in patience, authenticity and genuine care. I recognize that the client is always the expert in their own life and my role is to merely walk alongside, providing tools, strategies and unconditional support along the way. I fully acknowledge and give praise to the courage and vulnerability it takes to embark on your therapy journey. This alone is a huge step of progress and will always be noticed and praised. I incorporate teachings and practices to support the whole being, mind, body and soul in a holistic way. I strive to provide a safe, healing space for all clients to facilitate growth, resilience, empowerment and positive change.

My impacting identifies/roles that inform my work: I have many roles that inform my practice and are brought into the therapeutic space. I recognize that my own limitations and life experiences allow me to relate and understand those who are seeking my support. Each identity I have serves a purpose and helps to contribute to the perspectives of the therapeutic relationships that are created.

I feel informed and knowledgeable about: Understanding the dynamic between caregivers and their children, supporting and/or repairing hindered attachments and relationships within this family dynamic. I am well versed in understanding attachment styles, attention-seeking behaviors and behavior modification strategies for children. I recognize the impacts that experiencing trauma has on the brain and body. I understand the impact of trauma and how it alters the way an individual navigates their life, responds to stimuli and participates or withdraws in certain relationships.

Seeking a change of perspective on one’s relationship with food and what purpose food can serve in our lives. I am knowledgeable about nourishing your body with proper nutrition and foundational practices to support another layer of healing alongside therapy.

Nutritional practices and therapy to support the overall health and wellbeing of an individual who is seeking connection to or more education around the empowerment of the relationship we hold with food and nutrition.

I work best with clients who:

are ready and/or willing to engage in therapy to make change

-are seeking self-worth and/or purpose

-need support with children engaging in externalizing behaviors

-desire to learn more about how to support themselves through nutrition and foundational properties

I am not a good clinical fit for clients who:

-are actively using or seeking substance use treatment

-are not at a place in their journey to be self-motivated to commit to therapy

-are looking for a ‘quick fix’

What makes me unique: I look at the person as a whole, including their mind, body and spiritual being. I truly believe that all parts of the self are interconnected and work in alignment with one another to support healing. I have a passion for empowering parents to better understand and connect with their children as well as empowering adults to find meaning and purpose in their life.

Learning and Growing

-I am a student at heart and truly enjoy learning every day. I recently completed my certification and obtained the title of Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. This aligns with my belief that food can be a huge support in our healing journeys. I am currently reading ‘The Food Mood Connection’ by Uma Naidoo, to further my understanding of the relationship between the food we consume and the feelings we experience. I understand the correlation between movement and trauma, as it can be physically stored in the body. I strive to continue to learn about the relationship of the holistic process in integrating movement to further empower processing and healing from trauma.

Fun Facts/Resilience Building

What resources me to build resilience: I believe in living a holistic and balanced lifestyle consisting of filling my cup, so that I can continue to pour into this therapeutic work. Each day I find time to commit to movement as this brings me resilience and joy. I find that being outdoors and connecting with nature through walks, hiking, etc. allows me to feel grounded and nourished. Aside from the movement and physical activity, you can almost always find me in the kitchen whipping up a new recipe from scratch. These are the self-care practices I prioritize, so I can re-charge and continue to show up as my best self.


-Bachelor of Science in Psychology, Towson University

-Master of Social Work, Adelphi University


Parent Child Interaction Therapy-PCIT International

Within-Agency Trainer-PCIT International

Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Nutritional Therapy Association

What I’m Reading Currently 

‘The Food Mood Connection’ by Uma Naidoo, MD

‘The Body Keeps Score’ by Bessel Van Der Kolk, MD