Christy Fields, LMSW

Works with Teens, Adults, and Couples


Therapy with me: Therapy with me involves creating a collaborative relationship and building rapport. I believe these are important aspects of any working relationship. I aim to create a safe environment where my clients can proceed toward their desired outcome with security and confidence. Additionally, I believe it is important to do what I call, “Check ins” in order to ensure that you continue to feel safe and feel like you are making progress and proceeding toward the desired goals and outcome that are established.

My impacting identities that inform my work: I identify as a cis-gender heterosexual female, I would say my identity includes many roles, some of which include wife, sister, daughter, mother and therapist. I grew up some years with privilege other years with scarcities. I have known hardship, and sickness, loss and triumph. All aspects of my upbringing and life impact and inform my therapeutic approach and humbles me to be allied with many.

I feel informed and knowledgeable about: Couples counseling, childhood trauma, complex trauma, CBT, and family systems. I understand the overall impact of trauma on the entirety of self. Trauma does not just impact our thoughts or feelings; trauma impacts our very being and often social life and family.

I work best with clients who: Are both willing to engage in hard work toward their desired outcome and those that desire a collaborative approach to therapy. I work with adults, teens and children to promote coping skills and address maladaptive behaviors.

I am not a good clinical fit for clients who: Are struggling with substance use and abuse.

What makes me unique: I work with both children AND adults as well as the whole family system. I believe firmly in supporting parents and their children to build stronger relationships as well as working with adults that have taken the courageous leap toward coping and resolving life’s stressors and trauma.


My absolute favorite place is snuggled up next to a fire with a great book based on great adventures. I have always been one to believe life is an adventure, one that brings about an array of changes, and growth. In my downtime I really enjoy crafting, cooking, baking and spending time with my kids and husband.
I have lived with anxiety and at one point depression. I have gone through sickness, to the point of almost dying. I would say through it all I am learning that life throws curve balls that sometimes we miss, and they hit us full force leaving us in places we never foreseen. Because of these experiences I have grown as a person and as a therapist, and I strive to continue to learn and use my education and life experiences to help my clients.

Christy is supervised by Caitlin Heffernan, LCSW-C