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Chelsea M. Haverly, LCSW-C, Owner

Works with Late Teens, Adults, Families, and Couples

*Not accepting new clients or offering a waitlist currently*


Therapy with me: Is about cultivating an authentic therapeutic relationship in order to dig into patterns of stuckness. I work with clients with complex trauma experiences, often rooted in intergenerational patterns. My approach to therapy will include asking you questions about the past and how it relates to the present. I am curious and inquisitive. I am also direct and make observations. I integrate intuitive parts work, brain-based processing, ecotherapy and somatic practices to process trauma and support healing. I also collaborate closely with other community providers to support nervous system healing through other holistic practices like acupuncture, movement therapy, and craniosacral body work.  

My impacting identities/roles that inform my work: I am a cisgender, white, heterosexual, middle class woman. I work to maintain awareness about how my privilege intersects with how I interact with self and others. I have been in my own therapy for years and remain on my own healing journey. I work to support other therapists and helpers to mitigate burnout and vicarious trauma through supportive supervision and consultation. I align as an advocate through my work and focus on the amplification of survivor voices, and de-stigmatizing access to mental health care. I am a creative thinker, system challenger, reflective processor, and highly sensitive person. 

I feel informed and knowledgeable about: Complex trauma survivors, dissociation, sex trafficking survivors, those involved in the sex trade, exploitive relationships, intergenerational trauma, narcisistic upbringing, substance use, non-binary/trans/queer community, HSP experiences, poly/open relationship dynamics, parents processing childhood wounding patterns, clients seeking support with intersection of the criminal justice system, and first responders/military trauma. 

I work best with clients who: Are hesitant or “stuck” and are willing to explore and disrupt old patterns that no longer serve them. I often work with clients that do not like therapy and have had past negative experiences in therapy. 

I am not a good clinical fit for clients who: Want a timeline or roadmap layed out for therapy and a plan as to what to expect each session. Working with me often results in deeper processing connected to trauma over the lifespan. 

What makes me unique: I work and maintain relationships with many community providers/advocates. I often refer clients to other community support/holistic healing specialties/resources in conjunction with working with me. I believe in community healing and collaboration. I will also be real, honest, and authentic- you won’t get the “therapy” version of me when you work with me. 


I am in the process of completing my Level II Brainspotting Certification and Level I IFS Certification. I am also co-creating and presenting on trauma-informed embodied movement practices for personal trainers. I am diving into the work of Resmaa Menakem and Dr. Jennifer Mullan connected to healing bodies and decolonizing the field of mental health. 


I love hiking, traveling, and witnessing beauty in the natural world. I come from a family of artists and love creating and designing in non-traditional ways. 

What resources me to build resilience… I believe connection to self and care of self is an ever changing and evolving process. I believe in the cultivation of rest, practicing embodied movement, being with and in nature, and creating as integral parts to my self-care and resilience building routine. 


LeMoyne College/ University of Maryland School of Social Work/ Cornell University


Certified Clinical Trauma Professional, Level II (C-PTSD)

Brainspotting Level I

IFS Level I Certification (In Progress) 

TF-CBT Certified, Nationally Certified

Victim Assistance Specialist, Level III, State of Maryland

Maryland Human Trafficking Task Force, Victim Service Subcommittee, Trainer/Consultant

“It Didn’t Start With You” By: Mark Wolynn