Ashley Hines, LCPC, Clinical Intake Coordinator/Clinician

Works with Children 7+, Teens, Families, and Adults

Professional/Healing Work

Therapy with me: My approach to therapy doesn’t quite follow the traditional model. I believe that the humanity we share can be one of the greatest assets towards meaningful work within therapy. I strive to establish a rapport with my clients that is honest, warm, and secure and I show up in the work with curiosity and openness. I utilize a modality that supports ongoing work and progression, even in between sessions. My clinical support has been lent towards helping others heal in response to identified trauma(s), phase of life transitions and those struggling to disrupt chronic and/or pervasive behavioral patterns. When working alongside me throughout the therapeutic work you will be met with validation, lack of judgement and reflective feedback. 

My impacting identifies/roles that inform my work: I identify as being a biracial, cisgender, heterosexual woman. I wear other hats as well including being a mother and wife. I grew up with unique familial dynamics that influence my work, as I was of mixed race within a family that was completely Caucasian; influencing a variety of areas of my life, and my identify, as I developed. 

I feel informed and knowledgeable about: supporting domestic violence survivors, those experiencing interpersonal relationship conflict and/or unhealthy interpersonal relationship(s), supporting family systems, working with couples, those experiencing developmental and/or phase of life concerns and/or transition(s), crisis intervention(s), supporting those who have experienced complex trauma, those experiencing pervasive and/or chronic symptomology, those that identify as LGBTQIA and those that are elementary school age up to adults. 

I work best with clients who…want a safe space to heal, learn and evolve, but are receptive to doing the work. I work well with clients initiating therapy for the first time, or even what feels like the umpteenth time due to poor experiences in the past. 

I am not a good clinical fit for clients who…are struggling with substance use and/or abuse as a primary presenting concern for therapy. I am also not a good fit for clients who are under the age of 7 as I work completely remote, and telehealth can be difficult for littles to maintain in that capacity. 

What makes me unique: My initial clinical experience within the field of mental health began with me providing therapeutic support to both families and couples, in addition to individuals. I have had the opportunity to learn and evolve clinically to have the capacity to support those seeking therapy in a more unique manner. 


One thing I am always aware of within the mental health field is that there is always something to research and learn more about, yet it can be hard to decide what to lean into at one time. Often, I am encouraged by those I support to expand my network of research and/or resources as they too are seeking to learn. I am currently reading “The Body Keeps the Score” by Bessel Van Der Kolk, M.D. and am utilizing “The Relaxation and Stress Reduction Workbook” more frequently with those I support. I both hold an interest in the connection between the mind and body from a therapeutic perspective and believe in the intersection of the two as being significant towards healing. I am currently researching certification programs for somatic trauma therapy and hope to pursue such a program in the upcoming year, 2022. 

Fun Facts/Resilience Building 

What resources me to build resilience: Rest. Pause. Introspection. 2020 challenged me personally in ways I never could have prepared for, and I have been on a healing and evolvement journey myself. Beginning my own therapeutic journey was something I put off for too long, but it has provided much insight. Both for myself and to see through the eyes of those I support as a helper. Resting, pausing, and taking time for self-reflection has led to increased authenticity and inner freedom for me; and it does not always come easy. Some other fun facts are that I enjoy being in nature, traveling, creating, through many facets, and spending time with my family. 


Flagler College/Nova Southeastern University 

I am supervised by Caitlin Heffernan, LCSW-C