Ashley Hines

Ashley Hines, LCPC, Clinical Intake Coordinator

Works with Teens, Families, and Adults


Therapy with me: My approach to therapy doesn’t quite follow the traditional model you might have come to associate with therapy. I believe that the humanity we share can be one of the greatest assets towards meaningful work within therapy and working to build rapport and a strong therapeutic relationship is something I value. I strive to establish a rapport with my clients that is honest, warm, and secure and I show up in the work with curiosity, openness, and care. I believe in the intersection of the mind and body and seek to support my clients to rediscover the intrinsic power of healing and evolution that exists within them. I show up in the therapeutic space with mindfulness in how I honor the systems of oppression that exist and the impact on one’s identity, feelings of “enoughness” and disruption towards the ability to engage and move through the healing process. When working alongside you throughout the therapeutic work, I will meet you with validation, lack of judgement, reflective feedback, and a safe space to regulate your system when needed.

My impacting identifies/roles that inform my work: I identify as being a biracial, cisgender, heterosexual woman. I wear other hats as well including being a mother, wife, friend, and advocate. I grew up with unique familial dynamics that influenced my work, as I was of mixed race within a family that was completely Caucasian; influencing a variety of areas of my life and identity as I developed. I am passionate about racial equity, cultural competence, ecological systems, and the impact on the developing identity of an individual.

I feel informed and knowledgeable about: My clinical background has been rooted in supporting individuals that are currently, or have historically, experienced DV, abuse and/or unhealthy relationship dynamics, supporting those navigating prenatal and/or postpartum, women who are navigating infertility and/or having experienced pregnancy loss, those struggling with feelings of internalized shame, unworthiness or low self-esteem impacting their relationship with body and/or food, supporting family systems and those in a parenting role within the system, as well as those that have and/or are navigating challenging, unhealthy or problematic relationship dynamics with family members. Working with couples, supporting those who have experienced complex trauma and working from a “bottom up” approach to explore this, those experiencing pervasive and/or chronic symptomology and individuals that identify as LGBTQIA+. I currently am focused on working with adolescents and adults.

I work best with clients who: Want a safe space to heal, learn and evolve and are receptive to doing the work. Additionally, I consider myself to be patient and am comfortable with silence, so even if you aren’t quite sure about therapy, I am willing to move through that ambivalence with you. I work well with clients initiating therapy for the first time or those that feel that they just haven’t found the right fit yet.

I am not a good clinical fit for clients who: Are struggling with substance use and/or addiction(s) as a primary presenting concern for therapy. I am also not a good fit for clients who are under the age of 7 as I work completely remote, and telehealth can be difficult for littles to maintain in that capacity. What makes me unique: I will show up authentically in the therapeutic space which means I show up as a human first and foremost, putting on my therapist hat to support you in your journey. Also, my initial clinical experience within the field of mental health began with me providing therapeutic support to systems, so while I worked with individuals, I often worked with different family members independently as well to support the system.


Almost a year after writing my original bio I am writing this and feel a deep sense of appreciation and privilege to have been able to pursue new training that I previously identified as goals. I hope that these trainings will allow me to show up more informed and equipped with tools and resources to support those I work with. At this time, I have completed one of two training courses to become EMDR certified. What that means is that I am currently provisionally trained to begin utilizing this therapy modality in my work in those I help, and by the beginning of October 2023 I will have completed all requirements. Additionally, I am on track to become certified in perinatal mental health and am currently expanding my learning and resources of supporting those with an eating disorder through multiple trainings.


What resources me to build resilience: To build resilience within myself, both in general and as a helper, I prioritize doing my own work within my own therapeutic space. I will forever be  committed to learning, evolving, and meeting myself where I am in the moment. My soul comes alive when I’m in nature; whether sitting with the sun on my face, hiking on a trail or kayaking on a lake. I enjoy tapping into my creative part(s) whether that be through music, movement or creating something through an art form. I also find that writing, reading, traveling, and spending time with my family pours into my metaphorical bucket. I have continued to prioritize rest and time for self and as always that is a work in progress!


Flagler College/Nova Southeastern University