Laura Marques Brown, LCPC

Laura Marques Brown, LCPC

Pronouns: She/Her
Full-Time Clinician

Laura is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, LCPC, whose expertise is in the field of Nature Based Therapy, also known as “Ecotherapy” or “Ecopsychology”. She received her Master’s Degree from Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado. This field recognizes that our internal environment is intrinsically connected to our external environment and that these two systems have become disconnected over time. Throughout the field of Ecopsychology this disconnect is referred to as the “original trauma.” A growing body of research describes that when humans step back into mindful relationship with the natural world, there are mental, physical, emotional and spiritual benefits that can heal this profound disconnection. Laura facilitates Nature Therapy sessions part-time at a local farm. She is also working fulltime as a telehealth therapist during the pandemic, until it is safe to be in person and indoors again.

In addition to being an Ecotherapist, Laura has advance training in meditation, mindfulness and body-based grounding methodology. She utilizes her skills with a diverse body of clients, including people suffering from addictions, complex trauma, depression, anxiety, anger and impulse disorders, bi-polar disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder and body dysmorphia. Laura enjoys collaborating with local providers to provide quality care to her clients and their unique therapeutic needs. Laura supports her clients to replace maladaptive self-soothing behaviors with sustainable tolerance building skills. She believes that we soothe ourselves to remedy pain and avoid discomfort. Laura works with her clients to gently move towards the parts of themselves they often avoid. Through this gentle and self-paced approach, her clients learn to slow the body and mind, safely reorient towards their emotional bodies, and decipher between “what is happening” from “what we tell ourselves is happening”. When this occurs, clients can learn to identify their true wants, their non-negotiable needs and their most authentic selves.

As a bi-cultural clinician, Laura believes that the therapeutic alliance can combat culturally, racially, socially oppressive harms. She has witnessed how systemic racism, homophobia, bigotry, hatred and prejudice affect people’s mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health. Laura believes in the importance of working with marginalized people including bi-cultural families, QTBIPOC populations, and folks across the fluid spectrum of identities. Trauma is historic and inter-generational. So, when we have the opportunity to tell our stories in safe spaces, we heal on behalf of ourselves, our ancestors, and those who will proceed us.

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