Jocelyn Vas, LCPC

Jocelyn Vas, LCPC

Works with Adults and Couples

Healing Work 

Therapy with me…My goals in therapy are to help you develop and learn the skills towards greater  self-awareness and strength. Life can be challenging and we will always  encounter roadblocks that create stress and anxiety that can undermine our  growth. My approach to treatment and care is through psychoanalytic/ psychodynamic theory. I work to examine your childhood experiences and  understand patterns of behaviors that have become ingrained in you overtime.  My goal is to help correct and change these maladaptive behaviors and beliefs  so that healing can occur. I also utilize Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to support  and promote self-awareness so that we can interpret your thoughts, understand  your core beliefs, and develops goals for a journey into a healthier more fulfilling  life. 

My impacting identifies/roles that inform my work… I have spent the majority of my career in a hospital setting working to stabilize  individuals and families in crisis. I have been working in private practice for 3  years working with high functioning individuals. I have experience providing  intensive care, transitional care and in-home services for individuals, families and  the geriatric population with complex mental health and physical health needs. I  have specialized training and experience working with individuals with chronic  mental illness issues who have experienced chronic and/or passive suicidal  thoughts or suicide attempts. 

I feel informed and knowledgeable about…Couples counseling, childhood trauma, psychoanalytic theory, psychodynamic  theory, severe mental illness, CBT, suicidal thoughts and ideations, disordered  eating due to Gastric Bypass Surgery.

I work best with clients who… Have an open mind about therapy and are willing to dig deep into  their pasts and understand their history in a way that brings uncomfortable  thoughts and to the forefront to gain self-awareness that leads to change. 

I am not a good clinical fit for clients who… Are hesitant about therapy or have had bad experiences in the past with  therapy. 

What makes me unique… I have a strong ability to make people feel comfortable opening up which allows  us to get deeper into therapy and learning more about yourself quickly. 

Fun Facts/Resilience Building 

I love hiking, biking, and exploring nature. I enjoy talking with almost anybody. I  love to listen. I almost only learn from others. 

What resources me to build resilience… Functional and open communication can help keep us all healthy. By listening to  what others think or need, and sharing what we, ourselves, need, there is less  to figure out and life can be much more simple and complete. A strong support  system is necessary in building resilience around us. 


Undergraduate education in Psychology from James Madison University

Master’s Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Marymount  University