Jocelyn Vas, LCPC

Jocelyn Vas, LCPC

Part-Time Clinician

Jocelyn is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor in Maryland. Her undergraduate education is in Psychology from James Madison University and her Master’s Degree is in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Marymount University. Jocelyn has spent the majority of her career in a hospital setting working to stabilize individuals and families in crisis. She has experience providing intensive care, transitional care and in-home services for individuals, families and the geriatric population with complex mental health and physical health needs.

Jocelyn’s passion is to assist teens, adults, families, and couples in healing, learning new skills and developing a greater sense of self-awareness and strength.  Throughout life, many of us encounter roadblocks that create stress and anxiety, overwhelm our coping skills and undermine our growth. Jocelyn specializes in psychoanalytic/psychodynamic theory to promote healing for her clients. Jocelyn finds what is most therapeutic is examining our childhood experiences and understanding patterns of behaviors overtime to help correct and change maladaptive behaviors and beliefs. Jocelyn believes through revealing and bringing these issues to the surface, healing can occur.  Jocelyn also utilizes Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in order to promote self-awareness for clients to interpret thoughts, understand core beliefs, and develop goals for a journey into a healthier and more fulfilling life.

She has specialized training and experience working with individuals with chronic mental illness issues who have experienced chronic and/or passive suicidal thoughts or suicide attempts. She has spent the last year working as a group counselor at a Partial-Hospitalization Program tailoring a variety of treatment modalities like mindfulness, DBT-informed skills learning, insight driven activities and Art-Based Psychotherapy projects to meet the needs of the program participants. Jocelyn’s wide array of clinical skills allows her to meet the needs of many clients looking to increase their awareness through insight driven healing.

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