Caitlin Heffernan, LCSW-C

Caitlin Heffernan, LCSW-C

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers
Clinical Director

Caitlin is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW-C) and a Board Certified Supervisor in the state of Maryland. She obtained her undergraduate degree in Psychology from James Madison University and her Master’s in Social Work from University of Maryland, where she also worked as a Research Scholar with a professor, aiding in research and curriculum development focused on family-centered care. Since graduating with her MSW, Caitlin has worked with children, families, and adults providing therapy in home, community, and office settings. Through this work, Caitlin has supported individuals and families with complex trauma histories, PTSD, Depression, Anxiety, life transitions and stressors, and issues related to family dynamics or family of origin.

Caitlin believes that every person deserves the space and supportive ear offered by a skilled therapist to express and explore their life stories. She uses an integrated brain-based approach to treatment planning, utilizing mindfulness, brain-based psychotherapy, CBT, and other integrated approaches to support client’s with complex needs and presentations of complex histories. Caitlin appreciates an approach that is relationship-focused and values connections, incorporates reasonable expectations, and honors where the client is and where they are coming from, striving for slow-paced change that is sustainable over a “quick-fix.” Part of this work with Caitlin includes exploring patterns of behaviors or choices to incorporate into treatment planning for long-lasting change, as well as utilizing different models around self-compassion, self-empowerment, and self-forgiveness.

Caitlin has received certification in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Plus (CBT+, through the National Center for Evidence-Based Practice in Child Welfare), Parts-based trauma therapy (Janina Fisher), DBT skills, and Neuroscience/Brain-based trainings – all to inform a holistic, integrative approach to each individual and to therapy. Outside of trauma-based work, Caitlin also has experience in helping individuals cope with symptoms of Anxiety and Depression and managing the stresses of life or conflict within families more effectively. Caitlin strives to create a comfortable, peaceful space for therapy in order to build a strong, trusting therapeutic relationship, which she believes to be the foundation of the work that is done within therapy. She works to utilize evidence-based practices balanced with warmth, empathy, and a strengths-based perspective to individualize therapy for each person and family.

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