Addressing Education at Home

How to meet your child’s social/emotional and behavioral needs.

90-minute virtual session and an additional 45-minute follow-up 2 weeks later.


Anchored Hope Therapy is offering tailored consultation to promote emotional and educational success for at-home learners and their families!

Consultation Package:

A Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor will work with your family to assess developmental and emotional needs that can impact learning. Consultation package will include assessment of:

  1. Mental health and behavioral health issues including executive functioning skills, organizational/time management skills, performance anxiety with online learning, ADHD, and behavioral challenges
  2. The need for parent coaching to address children’s individual needs
  3. Specific strategies, tools, and resources

What to Expect:

Consultation package will consist of an initial 90-minute virtual session and an additional 45-minute follow-up 2 weeks later.

During the initial consultation, we will address:

  1. Environmental Assessment: Setting up the learning space
  2. Daily Schedule: How to schedule the day to meet the expectations of virtual instruction as well as build in breaks and movement to your child’s day
  3. How to Promote Education Success: Identifying how your child learns, processes and integrates new information based upon his/her developmental and learning needs
  4. Behavioral Management Strategies: Tools and resources to promote children’s motivation for learning remotely
  5. Parenting Support: How to make at-home learning sustainable for children and parents

Follow-up session includes reviewing recommendations for the child and family, continued assessment, and additional strategies and supports.

*For families with more than 1 child, the initial consultation and follow-up session can be increased in 30-minute increments per child. Additional follow-up sessions may be scheduled as needed.

Your Consultant

Kendall Patterson

Kendall Patterson is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor in the state of Maryland. She obtained her undergraduate degree in Psychology at Davidson College and her Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology from Towson University. Prior to obtaining her degree in Counseling Psychology, Kendall was a teacher at the Princeton Child Development Institute. She has experience offering IEP advocacy services to families as well as helping families address the educational needs of their children.

Kendall is passionate about supporting children and families as they adapt to virtual education at home or homeschooling in response to the COVID19 pandemic. Kendall strongly believes in empowering children and families as they adapt to new educational routines and methodologies. She enters into partnerships with children and families to jointly develop goals and promote social/emotional growth and educational success. Addressing the specific needs of her clients, Kendall provides highly professional, caring and personalized services to promote mental health well-being and academic progress.

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