Sarah Mann, LCPAT, LCPC

Sarah Mann, LCPAT, LCPC

Works with Teens and Adults


Therapy with me: As an art therapist, I support my clients while engaging in artistic expression to honor their emotions and explore their creative identity. Therapy with me often begins with cultivating self worth and inner autonomy in order to navigate life’s tough moments. I aim to hold a safe space for my clients so that they can show up authentically. I consider you to be the expert on your lived experiences and thus use a collaborative approach to reach your goals.

I practice a “Health at Every Size” approach when working with eating disorders and disordered eating patterns. I believe it is vital to normalize an individuals relationship with their body as it is currently and embrace the practice of radical acceptance throughout the treatment process.

My impacting identities/roles that inform my work: I am a cisgender, white, able-bodied, middle class, feminist woman. I continue to work to recognize my innate privilege and do not shy away from its impact with clients during our time together. It is my aim to create an environment where everyone feels comfortable.

I feel informed and knowledgeable about: art therapy, trauma work, eating disorders and disordered eating patterns, anxiety, parts work, non-binary/trans/LGBTQIA community

I work best with clients who: are willing to show up even if they aren’t sure they want to be in therapy. I enjoy working with clients who have some ambivalence towards treatment and want to help them decide what change could look like. 

I also work well with clients who have been in therapy for awhile and are seeking a change in modality. Art therapy and parts work can be a new way to dip deep in order to explore emotions and stuck patterns.

I am not a good clinical fit for clients who: are seeking structured CBT/DBT protocols during each session. I strive to individualize treatment and meet my clients where they are at each week. This means that we will learn skills organically over time. 

I am not currently taking any clients who are seeking support for Avoidant/Restrictive Food Intake Disorder.

What makes me unique: I strive to create a therapeutic space that is warm and collaborative. I enjoy supporting adolescents as they explore how to define their identity and self worth. I believe in the innate healing power of creativity. Art speaks to emotions that words cannot and it is a beautiful tool for personal discovery and healing!


I am working on building skills to support OCD as it relates to eating disorders. I love learning more about Janina Fischer and am reading a few books about parts work. It’s been so relevant in the work with my clients. I am also working towards a certification in sand tray therapy.


What resources me to build resilience: I am passionate about social action and community based work within the field of art therapy. It is my hope to one day have an open studio space as well as work with the community on a mural!

I have found that it is vital to prioritize my own self care so that I can truly show up for my clients. During this season I am exploring how “wintering” can be a verb. In my free time I enjoy puzzles, reading mystery novels, babying my houseplants, knitting and hiking. 


The George Washington University – Masters degree in Art therapy


  • Licensed Clinical Professional Art Therapist (LCPAT)
  • Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC)
  • Member of the American Art Therapy Association; Maryland Chapter and Potomac Chapter