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Rebecca German, LCSW-C

Works with Children ages 5 and up, Teens, and Adults


Therapy with me: I see therapy as an ongoing collaboration between the therapist and the client. I believe that the client is the expert when it comes to their experiences. My role is to help my clients feel heard, understood, respected, and supported as they pursue their therapeutic goals. 

My impacting identifies/roles that inform my work: I self-identify as a white, cis-female, heterosexual, able-bodied person. I am also a proud ally to individuals identifying as BIPOC, as LGBTQIA, and as neurodivergent. I recognize that certain aspects of my identity may put me in a position of power and privilege. Knowing this, I strive to make therapy a safe, comfortable, and accepting space where my clients can express and explore various aspects of their identity. 

I feel informed and knowledgeable about: I feel best equipped to provide support for mood disorders (including major depressive disorder and bipolar disorder), anxiety disorders, autism spectrum disorders, ADHD, and brain injuries, though I am open to providing treatment for other conditions and concerns as well.

I work best with clients who: I am not sure if there is a particular type of client that I work best with. That being said, the clients who seem to have gotten the most out of working with me have been curious, open-minded, and motivated to engage in therapy. 

I am not a good clinical fit for clients who: Building a therapeutic relationship is such an important part of treatment and can be challenging when the therapist and client don’t “mesh” very well. In the past, it has not been the best fit between me and a client when they were not particularly interested in engaging in therapy or when they preferred not to work with me as their therapist (for example, if they preferred an older therapist or a male therapist). That being said, even in these situations, sometimes the fit did get better over time. 

What makes me unique: Professionally, I have a fairly wide range of experience. I have worked in research as well as therapy, which has given me a strong understanding and appreciation of evidence-based practices. I have also worked with clients of various ages and with different concerns. Personally, I love learning, traveling, and meeting new people.


Over the last several years, I have gained experience with Motivational Interviewing (MI), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), and Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT). I also completed training in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR). I am interested in learning other styles of therapy as well, such as play therapy and Internal Family Systems (IFS).


My hobbies are essential to my self-care. I love spending time with my friends. I enjoy bowling and playing pool. In the past, I have also done wheel-thrown ceramics, and I would like to pick that back up again.


Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and English from Hood College

Master of Social Work from the University of Maryland Baltimore 

Certifications/Trainings/What I’m Reading Currently 

I am currently licensed in the state of Maryland as a Licensed Master Social Worker (LMSW). I am planning to apply for licensure as a Licensed Certified Social Worker – Clinical (LMSW-C) in winter 2023. In terms of what I am currently reading, you would most likely catch me with a memoir, particularly one about mental health or family challenges.