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Lauren Jenkins, LCPC

Works with Teens 16+, Adults and Couples


What is therapy like with me? As in nature, life brings a variety of seasons. From laughter and joy, to sadness and tears; achievement and confidence, to discouragement and disarray. To anyone who finds themselves in a season of challenges, weighted by emotional pain, or the debilitating feelings of being overwhelmed, I say: You do not have to journey this moment alone—healing is possible, and accessible to you! I work to help clients reconnect with the part of themselves where their intrinsic power exists and ability to heal and live the life they desire to pursue. I believe that a person reaching out for help, has taken one of the most important steps on their Journey to Wellness; making the decision to begin therapy is truly courageous. Therapy with me is that, a journey, with a provided space where I listen, support, feel, challenge, and celebrate with my clients through their therapeutic process and experience.

Roles that inform my work… I am a Mental Health Clinician, serving as a skilled helper to those who are seeking therapeutic support. I am also a wife, mother, daughter, sister, Mental Health Community Advocate, Musician and Trainer; I am Black woman in how I live and navigate life. I am a student continuously learning how to daily improve and grow within self in order to be a support and resource to others. All are roles I bring into the therapeutic space.

I work best with clients who… Devote their lives to serving and supporting others. Helpers need help too! Their wellness is greatly impacted by stress, compassion fatigue, vicarious trauma, burnout, and their own unhealed wounds. It’s ok to ask for help, and I’m here to listen. I enjoy working with couples and also work best with individuals in life transitions; specifically, a client and/or couples who have gotten to the place where “life happened,” “life is unfulfilling,” or “I’m/we’re” in a stuck place in life.”  

I am not a good clinical fit for clients who… are not open nor committed to the therapeutic process; who might have been told or made to go to therapy. I am not a good clinical fit with clients who do not take an active and vested role in seeking or selecting therapy for themselves. I believe in the school of thought that “what you put into the therapeutic experience, how you show up, will inevitably impact the outcome.”

I am a unique therapist because… I enjoy working with Adults, couples, and young adults 16+ navigating life transitions and mental health challenges. In my previous work, I primarily served clients in mental health and correctional settings as well as provided support for direct care staff working with the population through professional development and training. I am passionate about  transitioning to full-time private practice to be able to provide quality therapy to individuals with the call to help others; First Responders, Law Enforcement, Educators, Healthcare providers, Community and Faith Leaders, Public Safety, etc. Another unique thing about me is that I am a musician, singer-songwriter! I enjoy incorporating the healing power of music, breathwork, and Sound Healing into my practice. 


In 2021, I made the great leap/transition into full-time private practice after spending 16 years working in Youth Justice and Public Safety government entities. Professionally, I am learning how to fully embrace my role as a private practice clinician as well as discovering my niche and clinical areas of focus. I am also passionate about training and facilitating groups and am learning how to transition my training skill sets and facilitation expertise into private practice.  Regarding growing, it is my desire to continue to build on my clinical skills related to Trauma-informed practices, Vicarious Trauma and Compassion Fatigue, Adverse Childhood Experiences, Motivational Interviewing, and increase skills in helping clients impacted by Emotional Dysregulation.


As mentioned, I am a professional musician and have had the chance to travel several times to perform overseas. I believe that from my travels, I became a bit of a foodie. I love to travel to try new foods and create new experiences. Regarding resilience building, I believe self-awareness and being connected to your mind, body, spirit is critical to one’s healing and wellness. I prioritize my own self-care and awareness through engaging in healthy practices, my own wellness and therapeutic regimens and being connected to purposeful places and people. 


University of Virginia- B.A. Sociology 

Virginia Commonwealth University- M.S. Clinical Mental Health and Rehabilitation Counseling


Certified Mental Health First Aid Trainer (Youth and Adult)- National Council of Wellbeing

Master ACE Trainer/Resiliency Coach

Trauma Addictions Mental Health and Recovery (TAMAR) Facilitator


Certified Suicide Prevention Instructor

Certified Matrix Substance Abuse Facilitator Training

Certified Anger Management Facilitator Training

Thinking for a Change: Cognitive Behavioral Program Facilitator Training

Certified “Breaking Barriers” Facilitator Training

Certified Sex Offender Awareness Program (SOAP) Facilitator

Best Practices (Working with victims with trauma)

“Self-Awareness is the first true step to sustainable change and Liberation ”  Lauren N. Jenkins, LCPC