Kimberly Walker, LMSW

Kimberly Walker, LCSW-C

Full-Time Telehealth Clinician


Therapy with me: Therapy with me is a journey. I have the pleasure of getting to know the person you created from your life experiences, your firsts, your joys, your fears, your traumas, and your social environment. We determine together if that is who you want to continue to be or if there needs to be a few tweaks and changes. Together, we work though navigating life’s challenges. We work through our day-to-day experiences, reframe our harmful cognitive beliefs, challenge our automatic thoughts, and reshape the distorted version of ourselves that our trauma has created. The journey for some is slow and steady, and for others there are twists and turns and for some, we encounter roadblocks. I’m here on the passenger’s side to challenge you, to motivate you, and to teach you to check all mirrors before making difficult decisions.

My Impacting Identities/Roles that inform my work: I am a black woman, a wife, a mother of two, a human rights activist, and a social worker by training. I practice in the school system and the outpatient setting as a mental health therapist and I bring all of these roles in my invisible knapsack.

I feel informed and knowledgeable about: Children, adolescents, and young adults that experience a number of issues, including but not limited to perfectionism, procrastination, friendship challenges, childhood trauma, anxiety, self-esteem, identity, racial injustice, role changes, personal development, and identity.

 I work best with clients who are: Honest, even when it may be difficult. In this therapeutic relationship it’s important for us to authentically be ourselves, whether we make mistakes, or bad decisions or choose ourselves over the priority of someone else’s feelings!

I am not a good clinical fit for clients who: Are not open to being challenged or are being forced into therapy whether by parents or their significant others. I am not a good clinical fit for those who don’t prioritize therapy and are not consistent with sessions.

What makes me unique: I enjoy working with children, adolescents, and young adults who need encouragement, a self esteem boost, and or assistance with navigating life transitions.


Currently I am expanding my knowledge on sex trafficking and its impact on teens through a school partnership with the University of Maryland. This program is designed to teach students how to recognize what makes them vulnerable to being trafficked, what to do if they find themselves in difficult situations, how to ask for help, and how to establish healthy relationships and boundaries with others in their personal lives. 


I enjoy traveling, experiencing different cultures, and cuisines with my family and friends. My husband is a Private Chef so we are always looking for inspiration to bring to our home dinner table!

What resources me to build resilience: Flexibility has been a key to my resilience journey. Being okay with things not going according to plan and allowing events/ situations to naturally occur as they are intended to. Not engaging in anything/anyone that feels uncomfortable and or forced has kept me peaceful. Boundaries are a form of self care.


Delaware State University- Bachelors of Science in Psychology

University of Pittsburgh- Masters of Social Work- Mental Health Certificate


Certified Child and Adolescent Trauma Practitioner

CBT- Certification (In Progress)