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Erika Keller, LCPC-C

Works with Children, Teens, Adults, and Couples


Therapy with me… I truly enjoy getting to know clients before diving into the work. I believe a strong therapeutic rapport is the anchor to begin the healing journey. I strive to make the therapeutic, healing space feel comfortable and safe. 

My impacting identities… I am white, cis-gender, heterosexual female whose identity includes many roles: wife, mother, daughter, sister, aunt, and therapist. I started off my college career as a nursing student and transitioned to psychology after witnessing a close family member being positively impacted by a therapist. I wanted to make a difference in someone else’s life as this therapist did by helping my family member. 

I work best with clients who… are experiencing anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, working through grief, and complicated life transitions. I enjoy working with children, adolescents, adults, and couples.

I am not a good clinical fit for clients who… are struggling with end-of-life decisions. 

I am a unique therapist because… I work with all ages and  provide couples’ therapy. I provide a warm, therapeutic approach while simultaneously challenging my clients to help them see their inner strength. I take pride in helping others find inner peace and healing so they can live a life to their fullest. 


I used to rely heavily on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and while I still do at times; I am working to implement different approaches based on the needs of the individual with whom I am working. I am constantly reading and learning and refreshing my approach. I am also completing my training to become a Clinical Trauma Professional I and II Certification to continue the ability to provide trauma-informed care to clients. 

I am not only learning and growing professionally, but personally. I am taking care of my needs by learning to practice yoga and meditation. I have found that taking care of myself makes me more capable of helping others. 


I am happiest when I am with my family. I learn so much about myself through my kids. I strive every day to be a better wife, mother, sister, aunt, daughter, and therapist. I am working through my own therapy to let things go that are not in my control. This is not always easy! Acknowledging my own needs is important as a helping professional. allowing for acknowledgement that I am just as important. 


Bachelor’s in psychology

Master of Science in Counseling