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Amanda Rosado, MMT, LPMT, MT-BC

Work with teens, adults, older adults

*accepting new clients*

*Music therapy is not a covered benefit under insurance; however, tiered pricing is available so that her services are accessible to those who want it.*

Healing Work

Therapy with me: 

Is about cultivating and sharing collaborative, authentic musical spaces to support you in healing, joy, and understanding. Approaching my work from a person-affirming lens, my therapeutic approach comes almost from what I don’t know, more so than what I do. I approach each session space with open curiosity, and empower folx to control their own body, voice, and narrative. Through the medium of music experiences (songwriting, music listening, song discussion, and music making), I have supported folx in processing trauma and difficult emotions, as a means to not only cope, but also build upon one’s identity, self-expression, and internal resources.

My impacting identifies/roles that inform my work: 

I identity as white, Latinx, queer, cis female, middle class, able-bodied, and neurotypical. I am also a long time musician, which has actively contributed to my wellness and identity throughout most of my life. I leave space for both of my racial/ethnic identities, equally knowing that my white and able body has benefited greatly from oppressive systems, while also connecting with the Puerto Rican community and having experienced microaggressions toward me. I also acknowledge that the field of music therapy has been historically gate-kept and heavily influenced by ableism, cultural appropriation, and white supremacy. With this information, I uphold a strong intention to maintain spaces that feel emotionally and physically safe and accessible. I commit to learning and growing along with you, and I welcome open, transparent, and honest discussion as we build a trusting relationship together.

I feel informed and knowledgeable about: trauma processing, anxiety, depression, identity building, LGBTQAI+ community, human trafficking, resource building, end-of-life care, grief and loss

I work best with clients who: have some kind of connection to music – anywhere on the spectrum from avid music listener to skilled musician. Folx who want to tap into their own creative energy as a vehicle to process lived experience. Folx who are willing and motivated to be vulnerable, and maintain a long-term relationship with me to safely access emotions on a deep level. Folx who are looking for something a little different than, or a supplement to, traditional/talk therapy.

I am not a good clinical fit for clients who: Do not have a connection to music. Who are seeking something short-term, regimented, and structured. 

What makes me unique: I use music experiences as a foundation and gateway to understand one’s emotions and one’s self. I often bring humor, authenticity, warmth, and flexibility into session spaces. I have also worked with folx from teen to end-of-life, which has given me a lot of perspective on the uniqueness of healing and support throughout one’s lifespan.

Learning and Growing

I have a growing interest in implementing music therapy experiences with different models of verbal therapy, particularly models that connect with trauma processing. Lately I’ve been very interested in utilizing Internal Family Systems/parts work with different music experiences.

Fun Facts/Resilience Building 

Aside from the probably-obvious-by-now musicking that I do (oboe, guitar, and singing are my top three modalities), I enjoy being in nature (especially bodies of water), dancing, bike riding, walking, reading, and spending time with friends and family. I have been working hard to have a higher level of fluency in Spanish speaking to connect with my paternal family and my fellow Latine hermanes (I welcome any and all practice). I am also an animal lover and the proud parent of two elder cats.

What resources me to build resilience: I prioritize work/life balance, especially maintaining boundaries outside of my work hours. My daily self-care practices often reflect my introverted nature: creating space for quiet reflection, journaling, and meditation.


Bachelor of Music Therapy 2009, Shenandoah University

Master of Music Therapy 2018, Shenandoah University


Board Certification of Music Therapy (MT-BC) since December 2009 (#09316)

Maryland State License in Music Therapy (LPMT) since January 2022 (#10)


DBT/Practical Life Skills Reinforced Through Music Therapy

Community Drumming Facilitation
Trauma-Informed Music Therapy

Qualitative Research

What I’m Reading Currently

Atlas of the Heart
The Grieving Brain

My Grandmother’s Hands